Knife Gun - LP 12"

By Factotum

Label: Stolen Body Records
Genre: Garage Rock/Blues/Psychedelic
Price Units

Factotum follow up to “Fortune Teller” is their first full length. The band have had a busy year having completed Fortune Teller, Knife Gun and already another follow up which is in the pipeline…

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“Bristol-based garage rock duo Factotum have been working hard for the last couple years. In a city known more for its glaring passion for electronic beats and hardy clubbing culture, the band have been carving out their niche alongside kindred spirits Brown Brogues and The Bad Joke That Ended Well and have found their home at the fiercely independent, DIY spirited Stolen Body Records.

After releasing their Fortune Teller EP last year the band have been kicking around the studio and playing energetic live shows to enthusiastic crowds” – Crack Magazine

“A nine track album that melts lysergic blues with sweaty and savage rock’n’roll” – Music Blob

“Factotum have created a simultaneously nostalgic and fresh sounding album that I recommend you listen to.” – Listen with Monger

1. Wurlitzer
2. Melt (High Noon)
3. Minute
4. Powerjam
5. Red Dust
6. Tocame La Polla
7. Hey Hey Hey
8. Ruin My Trip
9. Gentleman

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