Al Lover is a producer from San Francisco, but there’s more layers to his wall of sound than meets the ear. Over the last few years he has gained much notoriety for his melding of contemporary and past garage and psychedelic rock into spaced out abrasive beats. Often compared to producers like Edan, J-dilla and Gaslamp Killer, Al gravitates towards a sound composed of crunchy drums, shaky percussion, chopped samples and layers of textured effects building on the psychedelic music of the past and present.

Al Lover - Cave Ritual Redux
Al Lover – Cave Ritual Redux
Stolen Body Records is proud to announce the release of Al Lover - Cave Ritual Redux. Featuring remixes from Cave Ritual, new tracks, guest remixes and a remix of a Lumerians track. All out on a limited edition pressing of jelly swirl green. Comes with download code. ‘It's not often in today's world that you come across an artist who has found a unique form of self-expression, seemingly operating on his or her own trajectory’ – The Quietus ‘Al Lover is most well-known for his ability to be a non-synthy/trappy/basic beat-maker, and instead a psych-producer, which is very rare. He is quite literally the only one who does what he does’ – Noisey
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Al Lover - Cave Ritual
Al Lover – Cave Ritual
This record shows how Al Lover can re invent his already unique style and come up with something as incredible as Cave Ritual. Starting with the incredibly tense Genesis Porridge at an amazing 20min 56sec the track could easily be found in the archives of some 80′s sic fi horror classic. The B side bring an overall 60′s garage rhythm mixed with vintage drum machine sounds and a little more of that 80′s sic fi feel. Altogether you won’t find another record with such a unique sound thats carved out so perfectly and leaving you asking “where can I get more?”. COME WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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