Two piece garage rock band from Manchester. Reverb and echo soaked vocals with hard hitting drums and fuzzed out guitar. We’ve released two records to date Triflin’ and Zoloto.

Mark from the band has now started playing in Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali which we released a split of alongside Dusty Mush.

Brown Brogues - Zoloto
Brown Brogues – Zoloto
Here it is, Brown Brogues - Zoloto, the follow up to Triflin', our Record Store Day 2014 release on a limited edition frosted clear with brown blob in the middle 10" COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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Brown Brogues - Triflin'
Brown Brogues – Triflin’ SOLD OUT
Get the Brown Brogues second LP Triflin' on limited edition white vinyl - 250. Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their new album ‘Triflin’’. It would seem that the boys are all grown up, having moved to the bright lights of Manchester where they locked themselves in a disused mill and set about making their most mature sounding record to date.  
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