Edward Penfold’s music is a blend of the old and the new, nostalgic but not dated. More than anything it sounds like now. It’s music from the heart, a hazy collection of sounds and moods – sometimes upbeat, sometimes down but always genuine and always captivating. His lyricism reflects the eloquence and observation of a very English sort of poetry, seeing the depth in the shallows of life, the profundity in the mundane. All accepted with a matter-of-factness that is reflected in the driving impetus in every song, whether slow or fast or groovy.

We featured two of his songs on their compilation Vegetarian Meat. One of those tracks ‘Sunny Day’ was premiered on Crack Magazines website. His album CAULKHEAD came out on March 18th 2016. Edward Penfold is also a member of experimental psych and garage trio Taos Humm who have a record coming out later in 2016.

Sale! Edward Penfold - Caulkhead
Edward Penfold – Caulkhead
Caulkhead is the nickname given to a native of the Isle of Wight. Located a few miles to the south coast of England, it is the birthplace of Edward Penfold. Available on a very limited edition run of 100 12” vinyl in handmade fabric sleeves (NOW SOLD OUT). 2nd pressing on clear vinyl now available. Limited edition of 250. It's also available digitally, on CD and on cassette. We previously featured two of Edward’s songs on ‘Vegetarian Meat Vol 2’ back in April 2015. Edward Penfold is also a member of experimental psych and garage trio Taos Humm.  
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Edward Penfold – Denny Isle Drive
Edward Penfold – Denny Isle Drive

Following the release of his 2016 debut album, Caulkhead, Edward Penfold returns this winter with Denny Isle Drive. So far this year Penfold has released ‘Flute of the Noodle Bender’, with Taos Humm, a three piece sitting somewhere between art rock, garage, psych and kraut. He’s spent the rest of the year recording his second album, ‘Denny Isle Drive’, the album is due to be released in November on Stolen Body Records. A long list of collaborators were called upon to help record the album. This in- cluded members of the Bloom collective as well as the loosely coined Belvoir House Band. The album was recorded by Dom Mitchison (Malthouse Studios) who Co-produced it with Penfold.

Limited Edition November Rain Grey Vinyl in gatefold sleeve. 100 made.

Black vinyl edition - 150 made

All vinyl are in gatefold sleeves.


Please note this is a pre order. Orders will only be sent once all records are available. To avoid this make 2 separate orders.

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Vegetarian Meat Volume 2
Vegetarian Meat Volume 2
Vegetarian Meat compilation is back once again featuring all the best in psych 'n' garage. Two tracks each from 8 artists. This time moving the boat a little futher out and touching on psych jazz all the way to psychedelic folk. While touching on a wider spectrum of sounds the compilation still sticks to its routes with some of the best current garage rock coming out. Vegetarian Meat 2 also works as a showcase for things to come on Stolen Body Records. Most of the artists featured have something lined up with the label for 2015. Most of the songs have never previously been released and are exclusives for the comp. As per the first release it will come out on a colour in colour 12”vinyl. Limied to 250.
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