Os Noctàmbulos delve into the melting pot of garage, psych, surf, country and soul and pass through the other-side sounding most like…themselves. Songs of hope that seem to constantly veer on the edge of despair, it’s a fine line. Nick’s voice hints at something unnerving, something not quite right, yet somehow, in control. The country influence is clear throughout but it’s all set inside a 60’s style garage rhythm with large pinch of nuggets style psych.

We released a split alongside Plantains (now Heaters) in 2014 which has now sold out. The band then released their first full length Corsica Garden in 2015. We are extremely pleased to be teaming up again to release their second full length ‘Stranger’ on July 15th.

Os Noctambulos - Stranger (Pre order)
Os Noctambulos – Stranger
Release July 15th 2016 on Vinyl/Cassette/CD/Digital After 2014’s Split 12” with Plantains, debut album Corsica Garden and 2015’s 7”, Outsider – Os Noctàmbulos return to Stolen Body Records July 15th to release their new album, Stranger. Recorded in 3 one day sessions between December 2014 and April 2015 on ½ inch tape reel to reel at home studio Corsica Garden, Stranger see’s the band moving into new territory.
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Vegetarian Meat 1
Vegetarian Meat Vol 1
Our first compilation release. Limited edition vinyl is back in stock. Very limited amount back from distros. Featuring some of the best new bands from the UK, France and the USA.
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Plantains/Os Noctambulos - Split No1
Plantains/Os Noctambulos – Split No1 SOLD OUT
Two bands, two countries, two colour vinyl. Half frosted and half blue. Limited edition run of 250.   COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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