Vegetarian Meat 1
Vegetarian Meat Vol 1
Our first compilation release. Limited edition vinyl is back in stock. Very limited amount back from distros. Featuring some of the best new bands from the UK, France and the USA.
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Sale! Brown Brogues - Zoloto
Brown Brogues – Zoloto
Here it is, Brown Brogues - Zoloto, the follow up to Triflin', our Record Store Day 2014 release on a limited edition frosted clear with brown blob in the middle 10" COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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Factotum – Knife Gun
Factotum – Knife Gun
This is a raw garage rock album with tinges toward psych and blues. With this record the band begin to find their sound with some fuzzed out guitar, hard hitting drums and reverb soaked screaming vocals.
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Plantains/Os Noctambulos - Split No1
Plantains/Os Noctambulos – Split No1 SOLD OUT
Two bands, two countries, two colour vinyl. Half frosted and half blue. Limited edition run of 250.   COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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Brown Brogues - Triflin'
Brown Brogues – Triflin’
Get the Brown Brogues second LP Triflin' on limited edition white vinyl - 250. Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their new album ‘Triflin’’. It would seem that the boys are all grown up, having moved to the bright lights of Manchester where they locked themselves in a disused mill and set about making their most mature sounding record to date.  
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Sale! Haunted Leather - In Her Golden Room
Haunted Leather – In Her Golden Room
Haunted Leather - In Her Golden Room. Grand Rapids Michigan's Haunted Leathers 3rd pressing to vinyl and first EP. Released on limited edition run of 250 clear yellow 10" vinyl.   COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE
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Thee MVP'S - Philly Jammin'
Thee MVP’S – Philly Jammin’ SOLD OUT

Philly Jammin’ is based on 2 of the members trip to the USA. Pure garage rock.   1. Intro 2. Philadelphia Dreaming 3. US Airways 4. Well, I’m In Malvern 5. Lully Poo Face 6. Sauna Song 7. Don’t Feel … Continued

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Haunted Leather - Red Road
Haunted Leather – Red Road SOLD OUT
Were very happy to be releasing Red Road, the second record from the Grand Rapids heavy psychers, Haunted Leather. Released on 250 limited edition clear red vinyl. Artwork is also unique for this version compared to the US release.   COMES WITH DOWNLOAD CODE    
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The Bad Joke That Ended Well - S/T
The Bad Joke That Ended Well – S/T
The first release from Stolen Body Records. The Bad Joke That Ended Well's Self Titled second album. A fierce psychedelic and garage rock album with dips into blues. Limited 300 black vinyl.
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