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Ouzo Bazooka – S/T


Limited edition re press of Ouzo Bazooka’s self titled album. On pink and black mix vinyl. Edition of 250. We sent a load to the band and distributors so we only have 130 copies for sale. Act quick.

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Ouzo Bazooka’s self titled album from 2014 has long been sold out so we decided to do a pressing to go along with their European tour. We only have 130 copies for sale all on limited edition pink in black vinyl.


Track list:

  1. I Got You
  2. Desert Love
  3. Southern Winds
  4. Ride With Me
  5. Lady Alien
  6. Homesick
  7. Again & Again
  8. The Moon And I
  9. Run Away
  10. Going Down
  11. Children Of The Revolution


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