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  • Abjects – Gone

    Abjects – Gone

    Introducing your favourite new 3 piece: Abjects, a new London trio who have been winning over fans all over the world with an impressive set of edgy garage tunes, perky bass-lines washed over with lashings of jagged and disjointed guitar work. The EP Gone is out on a transparent blue 12" … View Product »
  • Vegetarian Meat Volume 2

    Vegetarian Meat Volume 2

    Vegetarian Meat compilation is back once again featuring all the best in psych 'n' garage. Two tracks each from 8 artists. This time moving the boat a little futher out and touching on psych jazz all the way to psychedelic folk. While touching on a wider spectrum of sounds the compilation still sticks … View Product »
  • Black Fruit/Factotum – Split 2

    Black Fruit/Factotum – Split 2

    Featuring two two piece garage n psych rock bands. Loud, heavy and full of energy. This split embodies everything that stolen body loves and is the second in the split series. You can clearly here the US garage sound VS the UK garage sound on this record.... In sticking with … View Product »