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Zoloto (front)
12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}
Leaf hound growers of mushroom
  • GRAB IT NOW Haunted Leather - Red Road on limited edition red vinyl now on sale at £8.00!! They have minimal damage to the sleeves but hey the records totally fine and ill even stick it in a plastic wallet for you and you get a download code! Grab em while they are available cos once their gone their gone! Continue reading
  • Its record store day and so we have a special free download for you. Some psych folk from Tara Clerkin and Matt Robbins (Taos Humm). Think early Oh Sees. Beautiful and perfect for such a hectic day! Continue reading
  • They're going fast so grab one while you can!! click here to buy it now! Continue reading
  • Pitchfork - Shake Appeal have Brown Brogues, Zoloto as one their 5 record store day picks! Niiiiiice! "5. Brown Brogues: Zoloto [Stolen Body] These might not be readily available at every shop, but it's worth tracking down this one from Manchester stompers Brown Brogues. On a 12" platter with a brown center (like a Tootsie pop... or something much less appetizing), they've got a series of sludgy, paced tracks with a psychedelic bent and a thick, bluesy low-end. They open one of these tracks by laughing and yelling the words "CAN YOU DIG IT?" Well? Can you? " Check it out HERE Continue reading
  • Heaters are at it again with some more music for you. Name your price and download it now. Continue reading
  • Listen to some new Ty Segall tracks from his show at Coachella 2014! Cant wait to hear the record. Continue reading